The Last English Witch Hunt 1699

Swimming of a Witch -  Source

Swimming of a Witch - Source

The case of Old Widow Common/Coman is said to have been the last case of an English Witch Hunt.


Common had a long-standing reputation in the village of Coggeshall for being a Witch. James Boys who was the Vicar of the village at the time, became determined to get her to confess to her sins. Under pressure she is said to have confessed to witchcraft crimes.


In July 1699, a village mod lead by Boys dragged Common to the village river for a trial by Swimming.

She was trialled three times in total. On 3rd July, 19th July and finally 24th July.


She is said to have died in December 1699 from a chill that she caught, presumably from her three dunks into the river.