Bury St Edmunds

Betty Buroughs Hill Northgate Avenue


Oliffe Bartham of Shadbrook 1599 The Trial of the Maist


The largest single witch trial in England

27th August 1645:


Anne Alderman              

Mary Bacon 

Mary Clowes                  

Mary Everard 

Thomas Everard

Mary Fuller 

Anne Leech

Jane Linstead 

Vicar John Lowes 

Susan Manners 

Rebecca Morris

Jane/Janet Rivet 

Mary Skipper

Margery Sparham 

Sarah Spindler 

Mary Smith

Katherine Tooly 

Anne Wright


"Daughter" Boram and "Mother" Boram 1655


Nicholas Hempstead 1645

Alice Denham  1645


Rose Cullender 17th March 1662

Amy Duny 17th March 1662